EURSSEM manual

The Environmental Radiation Survey and Site Execution Manual (EURSSEM) provides information and guidance on strategy, planning, stakeholder involvement, conducting, evaluating and documenting radiological environmental and facility (surface) surveys based on best practices for demonstrating compliance with dose or risk-based regulations or standards, remediation, reuse, short-term and long-term stewardship on radioactively contaminated and potentially radioactively contaminated sites and/or groundwater.

EURSSEM is a consensus of a document which was developed by the "Co-ordination Network on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations" funded by the European Community and with the support of private companies and persons.

The objective of the manual is to describe a consistent approach and execution to strategy, planning, stakeholder involvement, performing, assessing radiologicaly contaminated soil surface and groundwater (final) status surveys to meet established dose- or risk-based release criteria, and/or remediation, restoration, reuse and stewardship objectives, while at the same time encouraging effective use of human, raw material and financial resources.

Chief editors are Leo van Velzen (Netherlands) and Lucien Teunckens (Switzerland).

Questions and Answers

EURSSEM provides you a free question and answer site for everyone that is involved in the area of Environmental Remediation. You can get fast answers and guidance to problems related to Environmental Remediation.

It is evident that asked questions will be answered as good and accurate as possible. However questioners have to realise that an answer on a question, where you have commercially to pay for, can be general and will only give some guidance.


As the EURSSEM Manual contains only theoretical information on leading practices, instrumentation, etc. applicable in the field of Environmental Remediation of radioactively contaminated sites (ER), the intent of the EURSSEM Marketplace is to bring together problem holders (e.g. parties dealing with ER problems) and solution providers (e.g. parties able in assisting in finding solutions).

What’s it look like to customers?

Browsing the Marketplace is like browsing web sites, but browsing them all on the same page. It makes finding the right solution provider significantly easier than in the old fashioned way. You can filter companies by country and type of service/product.

What’s it look like to solution providers?

Adding your company to the Marketplace is done in two quick steps: First you have to sign up for a free EURSSEM account. Afterwards you can easily create your Marketplace listing by naming and shortly describing your company and the services you offer, upload a company logo and enter your E-Mail and website address so that visitors of the Marketplace can contact you.

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