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AF-Colenco Ltd

AF-Colenco Ltd is a leading Swiss engineering company with an extensive service portfolio in all areas of energy and environmental technology. We strive to maintain and improve the quality of life while taking all possible measures to preserve and save natural resources.

The activities of AF-Colenco Ltd can be divided into two sectors, the energy technology comprising four departments (hydropower plants, thermal energy plants, nuclear technology, electrical networks) and the environmental technology comprising two departments (water and environment, and groundwater protection and waste disposal).

The Nuclear Technology Department provides services of a wide range in various nuclear fields, covering nuclear reactor design and control, technical and project management support during construction/upgrading of nuclear power plants, operation support, decommissioning and waste management and other special services.

The Nuclear Technology department is certified according the ISO 9001:2008 as well as to the German quality certificate in accordance with KTA Rule 1401, equivalent to IAEA Safety Series 50-C-QA and US regulation 10 CFR 50, Appendix B.