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Ameriphysics is a licensed decontamination and decommissioning firm. Our personnel have conducted more than 40 decommissioning projects in a variety of nuclear settings, most of which were designed to meet dose-based release criteria. In 2011 alone, we completed 4 decommissioning projects and managed 2.4 million kg of radioactive waste.

We specialize in the design and performance of radiological surveys and investigations. In addition to standard surveying, we have the experience and equipment necessary to characterize complex piping and ventilation systems and the capability to make position correlated radiological measurements.

With respect to accelerator decommissioning, we were the first company in the US specifically licensed to provide this service. Our personnel have been involved in the removal of 10 cyclotrons and 3 linear accelerators.

Our Certified Health Physicists have trained hundreds of operators, regulators, and safety personnel from 23 countries on topics related to decommissioning including safety, characterization and final status surveys, waste management, and project execution.