EURSSEM Marketplace

As the EURSSEM Manual contains only theoretical information on leading practices, instrumentation, etc. applicable in the field of Environmental Remediation of radioactively contaminated sites (ER), the intent of the EURSSEM Marketplace is to bring together problem holders (e.g. parties dealing with ER problems) and solution providers (e.g. parties able in assisting in finding solutions).


WISUTEC Wismut Umwelttechnik GmbH

WISUTEC has specialised in providing consulting and engineering services in the fields of mine closure, environmental rehabilitation, water treatment as well as management and utilisation of extractive waste. The department of geoinformatics is developing web-based information systems based on modern data base technologies.


AF-Colenco Ltd

AF-Colenco Ltd is a leading Swiss engineering company with an extensive service portfolio in all areas of energy and environmental technology. We strive to maintain and improve the quality of life while taking all possible measures to preserve and save natural resources. The activities of AF-Colenco Ltd can be divided into two sectors, the energy technology comprising four departments (hydropower plants, thermal energy plants, nuclear technology, electrical networks) and the environmental ...


Nuclear Research and consultancy Group

NRG offers a wide range of services to energy utilities, government organizations and various branches of industry - including the nuclear, financial and medical sectors. NRG is also a major producer of medical isotopes world wide. The Business Unit Radiation & Environment provides services as research & consultancy on environmental remediation, EIA, (TE)NORM, the safe management of radiation and radioactive wastes, policy studies, health physics support, training, person dosimetry.


CORE2 Consult GmbH

CORE2 is the specialist for software solutions for planning, documentation und supervision of decommissioning and dismantling tasks of nuclear facilities. Our bussiness activities cover conceptional work, development and implementation of software and database systems as well as appropriate consultation services.


Ameriphysics is a licensed decontamination and decommissioning firm. Our personnel have conducted more than 40 decommissioning projects in a variety of nuclear settings, most of which were designed to meet dose-based release criteria. In 2011 alon...


Equipment supplier for nuclear safety and security solutions. CANBERRA, an AREVA Company, is the worldwide leader in nuclear measurements. With over 40 years of experience in this field, we bring solutions to our customers, not only product...

RSK Radiological

RSK is a full-service, multi-disciplinary environmental company with extensive expertise in nuclear decommissioning, environmental planning, permitting, due diligence, stakeholder communications and negotiation, carbon management, site investigati...