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2.1.3 Principle 3: Identifying the preferred site management option

The legal entity responsible for the management of a radioactively contaminated site and/or groundwater should identify the preferred reuse option (or options) for the remediated and restored radioactively contaminated site.

The intent of Principle 3 is to make it unambiguous clear that the responsibility for defining the reuse option of a radioactively contaminated site lays by the legal entity that is responsible for the site. How the responsible legal entity has performed the decision making process to come to a preferred reuse option is not important and is out of the scope of this guidance. However, it is evident that if in the decision making process factors are taken into account that are of concern to stakeholders, including health, safety and environmental impacts and various technical, social and financial factors, the chance of acceptance by stakeholders of the preferred reuse option will be greater.