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2.12.3 Archive contents

As this is the first attempt to create an ‘Archive for Future Referencing’, it has to be accepted that the ideas about the content are not yet fully mature and may change to newly developed insights in time.

The content of this archive should be condensed and should include all relevant information to fullfil the objective of the archive. The content should balance between incorporating the information itself or summarized or including only the reference where the information can be found. A very important aspect is how to transmit knowledge – information – over a long period of time (see Section 2.11.2 and 2.11.3) and to ensure that these records in future generations do not cause an effect opposite to the one that is intended.

The content of the archive should consist of the following sections:

  1. Introduction and archive overview;
  2. Historical information and current (last) use;
  3. Environmental remediation process;
  4. Remaining radiological contaminations and hazardous materials;
  5. Miscellanous.