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2.12.4 Introduction and archive overview

Since the potentional user of the archive may not be familiar with the site, its historical use and the performed environmental remediation activities, and may read or study it only many years after, the reader should be guided through the archive. A structured overview of sections, documents present in the archive will help the reader to fathom the archive more easily.

The content of section 1 of the archive should include the following sections:

1.1 Glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations. In this glossary, all terms, acronyms and abbreviations have to be collected and especially those that are more based on the national and local social ethical culture, due to the fact that these terms will have the highest chance to be subjected to a change in meaning in time.
1.2 Executive summary. This executive summary describes in a condensed way the aim and the main contents of this archive.
1.3 Structure and content of the archive to guide the reader. It is important that the reader should understand the key points and the information as intended by the authors.
1.4 Overview of reference documents and location, also from back-ups and numbered copies of this archive, where they have been stored originally or could be found.
1.5 Register of stakeholder organisations and contact persons in time.