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2.12.6 Environmental remediation process

The information in section 3 summarizes the environmental remediation and restoration process.

The design of a remediation and restoration programme for radiological contaminated land is dealt with in detail in Section 2.2.

The content of section 3 of the archive should include the following:

3.1 Initial site characterization and established remediation criteria.
3.1.1 Initial site characterization: determined nature and extend of radiological contamination (and hazardous material); source term; geology; geochemistry; hydrology; nature and extent of the contaminated plume; exposure pathways.
3.1.2 Risks and environmental impacts: evalution of the environmental, occupational and public health and safety issues during remediation.
3.1.3 Developed site specific remediation criteria.

3.2 Identification of remediation options: selected remediation option; justification and optimization of remedial measures.
3.2.1 Overall protection of human health and the environment.
3.2.2 Compliance with applicable regulations.
3.2.3 Long term effectiveness and permanence.
3.2.4 Reduction of toxicity, mobility, or volume.
3.2.5 Short term effectiveness.
3.2.6 Implement ability.
3.2.7 Community and government acceptance.
3.2.8 Final disposal residues.

3.3 Remediation and restoration plan: implementation and execution of the remediation plan, performance assessment.
3.3.1 Horizontal and vertical extent of the plume and contaminant concentration gradients, including a mass balance calculation.
3.3.2 Rate and direction of contaminant migration.
3.3.3 Changes in contaminant concentrations or distribution over time.
3.3.4 Rates of contaminant mass removal and transition from advective removal to diffusion rate limited removal.
3.3.5 Effects of hydrological events, such as above average rainfall, on contaminant mass removal and changes to groundwater flow.
3.3.6 Calibration of model based on actual results and effects of changes of operational parameters to model predictions.
3.3.7 Effects on regional groundwater levels and the resulting impacts.
3.3.8 Effects of reducing or limiting surface recharge (if applicable).
3.3.9 Effects of re-injection (if applicable).
3.3.10 Effects of any modifications to the original remedial action.
3.3.11 Other environmental effects of remedial action, such as saltwater intrusion, land subsidence, and effects on wetlands or other sensitive habitats.

3.4 Appendixes.
3.4.1 Photo documentation log: original photographs of the site of contaminated, remediated and restored areas, etc.
3.4.2 Graphical presentations and/or lists with locations of radiological contaminated areas including specific details of contamination like specific radioactivity, amount of material, chemical composition, etc.
3.4.3 Overview of waste manifests: type and amount of radiological, chemical or hazardous waste; transporter; waste storage facility.
3.4.4 Overview of audit trials, findings, corrective measures.