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2.12.7 Remaining radiological contaminations and hazardous materials

The information in section 4 summarizes the final site characterization process and the demonstration that the potential dose or risk from residual radioactive contamination is below the release criterion for the site and/or for each survey unit and meets the release criterion.

The design of a final site charaterisation process for radiological contaminated land is dealt with in Sections 2.7 and

The content of section 4 of the archive should include the following:

4.1 Design of the final status survey: radioactive contaminants, background selection, data quality objectives, null and alternative hypotheses, radiological data collection; additional investigations to support the radiological site characterization; sample frequencies, locations and patterns, applied intrusive and non-intrusive methods, applied field and laboratory equipment.
4.2 Data interpretation and conclusions: analysis of samples, detection limits, process of determining that the data quality objectives are met, applied statistical methods; actions as a consequence of individual measurements are in excess of the investigation levels; any additional data, remediation, or re-surveys performed to demonstrate that issues concerning potential areas of elevated activity were resolved.
4.3 Data quality assessment process: data verification, data validation, data quality assessment.
4.4 Appendixes.
4.4.1 Graphical presentations and/or lists with locations with remaining radiological contaminated areas including specific details of contamination like specific radioactivity, amount of material, chemical composition, etc.
4.4.2 Overview of audit trials, findings, corrective measures.