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2.4.6 Contacts and interviews

Interviews with current or previous employees are performed to collect first-hand information about the site or facility and to verify or clarify information gathered from existing records. Interviews to collect first-hand information concerning the site or facility are generally conducted early in the data-gathering process. Interviews cover general topics, such as radioactive waste handling procedures. Results of early interviews are used to guide subsequent data collection activities.

Interviews scheduled late in the data gathering process may be especially useful. This activity allows questions to be directed to specific areas of the investigation that need additional information or clarification. Photographs and sketches can be used to assist the interviewer and allow the interviewees to recall information of interest. Conducting interviews on-site where the employees performed their tasks often stimulates memories and facilitates information gathering. In addition to interviewing managers, engineers, and facility workers, interviews may be conducted with labourers and truck drivers to obtain information from their perspective. The investigator should be cautious in the use of interview information. Whenever possible, anecdotal evidence should be assessed for accuracy and results of interviews should be backed up with supporting data. Steps that ensure specific information is properly recorded may include hiring trained investigators and taking affidavits.