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2.6 Health physics, safety, security, and environmental protection plan

The presented guidance in this section deals with aspects of health physics and safety, security, and environmental protection on all types of radioactively contaminated sites, e.g., nuclear-licensed – nuclear power plants or NORM industry – sites, defense sites, etc.

One of the key aspects of health physics and safety, security, and environmental management on operational nuclear-licensed sites is that the site operator has clearly specified site procedures, which must be followed by all contractors as well as by employees of the licensee. These procedures should cover many issues of relevance to contaminated land investigations, such as excavation and waste management.

It should be noted that site procedures will differ from licensee to licensee, and may differ between sites operated by an individual license and should be depending on the complexity of the site license. It is essential that all parties understand the requirements of the site procedures before any work is undertaken.

For all nuclear-licensed sites, the operator retains ultimate responsibility for all health, safety and environment issues. Thus, it is to be expected that the licensee will manage contractors more closely than would be expected on a conventional contaminated site.
In contrast to nuclear-licensed sites, defense sites and some industrial sites have not always extensive site procedures relevant to the investigation of contaminated land. Defense procedures are more concerned with security and conventional safety. Industrial sites are mainly concerned with conventional safety and site access.

It should be noted that compliance with security procedures is a requirement for contractors and that compliance may have an effect on planned project programmes. Contractors may be permitted to work to their own safety procedures after they have been reviewed and approved by the defense staff.