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2.8.1 Environmental remediation objectives and criteria

A remediation plan should have clearly expressed objectives [IAEA-1999]. If remediation is justified and any clean-up action optimised, criteria are needed to target remediation activities, to assess performance as work proceeds, and to verify that the remediation has been achieved at its conclusion. These criteria may be expressed in terms of the residual dose, i.e., the projected dose from the future use of the remediated site, or in terms of concentration limits from which the residual dose, through a pathway analysis, can be calculated. Where necessary, re-entry criteria may be established by which it can be decided whether to allow the return of the population and/or reuse of the land for agriculture, etc.

A specific approach for the implementation of remediation criteria has been discussed in Section, definition of a remediation process, initial decision making, based on the form of the reference levels indicated in Table 2.1.