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2.8.2 Remediation approaches and techniques

During or after preliminary site characterisation, an engineering study should be conducted to develop remediation options which address the specific contaminant problem and are aimed to reduce radiological and chemical exposure. Options should include engineering approaches and associated technologies. A preliminary selection of options may be made based on several factors including future land use, technical and institutional considerations, public acceptability, cost, regulatory requirements, etc. An overview of particular technologies is discussed in Section 4 of this document.

Further focused investigation of one or more particular method(s) may be conducted; this may include, for example, conducting a bench scale and pilot scale tests of a specific technology. These tests would be designed to collect sufficient information to develop, procure, and operate a full-scale system.

Once the clean-up criteria are confirmed, the preferred alternative should be selected, taking into account future land use constraints, if any, and the need for institutional control.