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3.11.1 Reporting to decision maker of reviewer

Data and documentation supplied to the decision maker or reviewer should be evaluated for completeness and appropriateness and to determine if any changes were made to the survey plan during the course of work. The survey plan discusses the surveying, sampling, and analytical design and contains the quality assurance project plan (QAPP) and DQOs. The decision maker should receive all data as collected plus preliminary and final data reports. The final decision on qualifying or rejecting data will be made during the assessment of environmental data. The data validation process should be conducted according to procedures documented in the quality assurance project plan (QAPP). All data, including qualified or rejected data, should be documented and recorded even if the data are not included in the final report.
The use of preliminary analytical data reports allows the decision maker or reviewer to begin the assessment process as soon as the surveying effort has begun. These initial reports have three functions:

  1. For scoping or characterization survey data, they allow the decision maker to begin to characterize the site on the basis of actual data. Radio-nuclides of interest will be identified and the variability in concentration can be estimated.
  2. They allow potential measurement problems to be identified and the need for corrective action can be assessed.
  3. Schedules are more likely to be met if the planning of subsequent survey activities can begin before the final data reports are produced.