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3.3.12 Regulatory confirmation and verification

The regulator responsible for the site often confirms whether the site is acceptable for release (see also Section 3.12). This confirmation may be accomplished by the agency or an impartial party. Although some actual measurements may be performed, much of the work required for confirmation and verification will involve evaluation and review of documentation and data from survey activities. The evaluation may include site visits to observe survey and measurement procedures or split-sample analyses by the regulatory agency’s laboratory.

Therefore, accounting for confirmation and verification activities during the planning stages is important to each type of survey. In some cases, post-remedial sampling and analysis may be performed by an impartial party. The review of survey results should include verifying that the data quality objectives are met, reviewing the analytical data used to demonstrate compliance, and verifying that the statistical test results support the decision to release the site. Confirmation and verification are generally ongoing processes throughout the Radiation Survey and Site Investigation (RSSI) Process.