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3.5.5 Determining geographical location of survey data points

Some the sites covered by this guidance will have a long history of industrial development. In some cases, redevelopment or decommissioning of the site will be in progress. Significant amounts of environmental data may have already been obtained from routine environmental monitoring programmes and previous site investigations.

Given these factors, it is important that survey points are accurately located using a consistent convention. Survey points should be preferable referenced to national grid coordinates. If a local site grid is used instead, as is found on a number of nuclear licensed and industrial sites, then a conversion method to national grid co-ordinates should be provided.

Surveys should not be located relative to local landmarks, which, particularly on sites being decommissioned or redeveloped, have a tendency to disappear.

Record keeping issues are discussed in Section 3.5.9. On licensed sites as example nuclear sites, there is a requirement to retain all records relevant to compliance with the site licence. As a result, there may be a preference to store data in electronic format using geographical information systems (GIS).