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4.1 Introduction

This section of EURSSEM provides detailed guidance on the remediation of radioactively contaminated sites and/or groundwater and is intended for a technical as well as a non-technical audience.

It is recommended that notice should be taken of the information presented in Section 2 and Section 3 of this document. Section 2, “Development of a contaminated land strategy” comprises important information about planning of site characterization, remediation and reuse activities at a high generic level, while Section 3 gives detailed guidance about “Characterization of radioactively contaminated sites”.

This Section 4 presents information and guidance on the development of a plan for the environmental remediation of a radioactively contaminated site by addressing the major factors involved.

In addition, an extensive overview is given of existing remediation techniques followed by information on how to implement or organize these remediation techniques and how to conduct post-remediation activities.