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4.4.2 Ease of implementation

An assessment is required of the ease or difficulty of implementing the option. This will involve both technical and administrative/regulatory considerations. The former include difficulties in constructing and operating the process, the likelihood of technical problems during implementation that might lead to delays in schedule, the ease of undertaking additional remedial action, should it be necessary, and the ability to monitor the effectiveness of the remedy. The administrative considerations are in essence project risk factors. They include the ease with which the option can be coordinated with other on-site works, etc., and the potential for new regulatory constraints to develop, for example, uncovering buried historical remains or encountering endangered species. They also include the availability of any required off-site treatment, storage and disposal facilities with sufficient capacity, availability of necessary equipment and specialists as well as provisions to ensure any necessary additional resources, availability of services and materials, and availability of prospective technologies [IAEA-2006b].