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4.7 Conduction post-remediation activities

Once remediation activities have been completed and verified, the remediated site can be released for restricted or unrestricted use. However, in most cases it is necessary to impose certain post-remediation activities on the area of concern. These activities may vary in comprehensiveness and duration according to the degree of remediation that has been achieved.

If institutional control has been seen as necessary, then post remedial activities should occur in a controlled context and, normally, should include the following [IAEA-1999]:

  • Monitoring the long term stability and performance of barriers which isolate or contain residual radioactively contaminated materials;
  • Monitoring environmental indicators within and down gradient of the remediated site;
  • Maintenance of barriers and other protection systems;
  • Prevention of intrusion;
  • Adherence to licensing conditions that may have been imposed;
  • Regulation and administration of administrative controls, and
  • Assembly, distribution, and safekeeping of all project and post-remediation period data, analyses, and records.