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A.1 Introduction

The provided information about possible present candidate radiological contaminates with or without hazardous contaminants and visa versa, has two aims:

  1. Creating awareness by stakeholders e.g. industry, regulators, owners, communities, etc. about the possible presence of other radiological- and/or hazardous contaminants then expected at a specific site, so that an appropriate strategy, implementation and execution of a programme to remediate this specific site can be developed which has the support of all stakeholders;
  2. New contaminated sites can be prevented by learning of the gained experiences in the past by presenting these detailed overviews from in literature reported radiological contaminants in the presence of other hazardous chemical contaminants.

The presented information is extracted out of free available literature, e.g. literatur published by IAEA, ITRC, CIRIA, etc.
It is evident that the overviews –tables- are setup with as a goal to be as complete as possible, to provide relevant information and references about each contaminant and to direct readers to more detailed information like:

  • Candidate radiological contaminants including information why the contaminant has to be considered as dangerous for the environment;
  • The possible presence of other radiological and/or hazardous contaminants:
  • Industrial activitities and usage where these contaminates have been detected;
  • The mobility of the contaminant;
  • Examples of contaminated sites.

However, it is still very difficult to obtain information especially e.g. examples of contaminated sites, mobility of contaminants, lessons learned, etc.

In Table A.1 a quick glance has been provided of:

  1. Radiological contaminants;
  2. Hazardous contaminants;
  3. Industrial activitities where contaminants are produced and usage where contaminants could be released into the environment.
    That have been reported of already performed remediation activities.

In Table A.1 this overview is presented in three seperated columns of the radiological and hazardous contaminants and industrial activitities and usage where these contaminants have been detected during already performed remediation activities. The information is presented in alphabetical order.

Table A.1
Table A.1 Overview of radiological and hazardous contaminants reported worldwide, and type of activities where these contaminants have been detected.

In the following sections detailed overviews are presented of candidate radiological contaminants (see section A.3) and hazardous contaminants (see section A.4) including additional information of the candidate contaminant.