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Follow up WMC2010 - Upcoming Conference ICEM2010 and news about EURSSEM

April 13, 2010 by Leo van Velzen

Follow-up Waste Management Conference 2010 at Phoenix

The Waste Management Conference 2010 at Phoenix was a success. IAEA had focused in this Conference with 4 special sessions dealing with its new network “ENVIRONET”. This new IAEA network was launched officially at the general meeting September 2009. A presentation about EURSSEM (background, aim, benefits etc.) was presented at Monday morning in the first of the four special IAEA sessions.

At this WM Conference a number of papers dealt with new techniques and methods applied already in environmental remediation projects and some tested just in a first experimental setup, but very promising. This information will certainly be addressed in EURSSEM as soon as the proceedings of the WM Conference become available.


Upcoming Conference ICEM2010

The following conference with a main track on Environmental Remediation is ICEM2010. This conference will be held at 3-7 October, Tsukuba, Japan.


News about EURSSEM

At this moment the work has started to transfer the Appendixes A, B, C, D and G from a conventional document to the website. Further it is expected that the “download” option will be also available in a few weeks. As EURSSEM is created under a Creative Commons License you will be asked to be aware and to agree on this license before you can perform a download.